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  • midlife mama


    General question:
    I had a website up on and was pulling in about 400 visitors/page views a day. I transferred over to and love it but I noticed that my stats started to stagnate and then begin to drop to about 200 a day. On a whim, I deactivated my SEO by Yoast (I found it confusing) and sure enough, within a week my stats rose back up to 400. Am I crazy? Could the app in the wrong hands (mine!) do more harm than good for my SEO?

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  • Andrew Bartel


    Shouldn’t have hurt you at all. Did you take a look at your google analytics to see where your jump in traffic came from?

    midlife mama


    It’s two posts that seem to get the most traffic but they’ve always been popular. I was just curious if it was coincidence or something more. Thanks for your response.

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