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    I’m using the WP Offload Media plugin ( to move my audio files to Amazon S3. I then use a CDN and custom domain to give me more SEO friendly URLs (something the plugin developers recommend). This works fine until I try to verify the URL in the PowerPress plugin.

    MP3s I upload get moved to Amazon and so have a URL like this…
    [audio src="" /]

    but with the CDN and custom domain this then changes to…
    [audio src="" /]

    Grabbing a URL from the Media Library in WordPress will give the second URL (…) but this one fails when added to a podcast with an error saying ‘Could not resolve host’.

    If I use the full Amazon address though it works fine. Both URLs give a working player in a browser.

    This is probably a bit niche but does anyone have any ideas what might not be working?

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  • Plugin Support Shawn Thorpe


    Have you checked with support for the Offload Media plugin? PowerPress needs a direct URL to the meida file without a redirect in between. It’s possible that whatever Offload Media is doing isn’t compatible with this requirement.

    Thanks, I’ve been in touch with them and they said to get in touch with you! I’ve found that it does actually work – it’s just the verification that fails. I guess it is a redirect but it’s done with DNS records so the cleaner URL does directly load the audio file in a browser. As it’s working (when I test the episode) is this OK and I can just ignore the verification failing or is likely to cause an issue elsewhere?

    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato



    Thanks for using PowerPress, sorry you are having issues.

    I just tested the verify option in PowerPress with your media URLs and they work. It could be that your CDN is blocking the server where your hosting your WordPress website, or it could be your WordPress website hosting service DNS is not getting the correct DNS record for this host name. Either way you should contact your web hosting service first to resolve the issue, they should first try to download the URL from the shell on that server to confirm if they are blocking it or not.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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