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  • I Installed post_notification as well as subscribe2 plugins,both are not sending EMAILS (notification); I have contact email page too; that also shows Error (Error sending message!)

    but from all blogs i get comment notification as well as new post notification from bbpress. that means mail function is working wp_mail();

    Anyone faced this problem….?

    Here is Post_notification plugin error
    The mail has not been sent!
    PHP-Mailer – Dump:
    object(PHPMailer)#277 (53) {
    string(5) “UTF-8”
    string(10) “text/plain”
    string(4) “8bit”
    string(36) “Could not instantiate mail function.”


    string(54) “You must provide at least one recipient email address.”
    string(25) ” mailer is not supported.”
    string(19) “Could not execute: “
    string(36) “Could not instantiate mail function.”
    string(35) “SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.”
    string(35) “The following From address failed: “
    string(45) “SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: “
    string(30) “SMTP Error: Data not accepted.”
    string(43) “SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.”
    string(23) “Could not access file: “
    string(33) “File Error: Could not open file: “
    string(18) “Unknown encoding: “
    string(15) “Signing Error: “
    string(19) “SMTP server error: “
    string(18) “Message body empty”
    string(15) “Invalid address”
    string(30) “Cannot set or reset variable: ”

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