• Perhaps i added the comment to the wrong file?
    I added it to single.php since i wanted to use this with Pages, not Posts. Is that possible?

    If you solve this, i will adjust my rating. Thanks!

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    Okay it seems i was making a mistake with the templates. I will retry this plugin now.

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    Yes this works! But not for Pages, only for posts. Could you update to make this work for posts also?
    I need a template that does not include my sidebar 🙂

    Thank you and sorry for the 3 star review, it should be 5 but i can’t seem to change it.

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    Hello Braed,

    Thanks for your Feedback.

    This is Custom Post Template plugin is only for post templates.

    If you want to create a page template for your site then please go through this mentioned steps,

    How to create a Custom Page in WordPress

    First, you need to open a plain text editor like Notepad on your computer. In the blank file add this line of code at the top.

    <?php /* Template Name: CustomPageTemplate */ ?>

    This code simply tells WordPress that this is a template file and it should be recognized as CustomPageTemplate. You can name your template anything you want as long as it makes sense to you.

    Once you have added the code, save the file to your desktop as, custompagetemplate.php

    You can save the file with any name, just make sure that it ends with .php extension

    Now connect to your FTP site and place this file at : /wp-content/themes/directory.

    So It will show you this page template option when you create a new page or edit the page.

    You can also refer to this mentioned link for more information on this.

    link: https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/template-files-section/page-template-files/page-templates/

    Have a great day!

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    Thank you! I actually needed to do this a few days ago, so i installed a Custom Page Template plugin that is working great.

    Thank you for your time nonetheless.

    Have a great day yourself.

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    It it worked as it was supposed to, I was hoping you’d correct your rating Braed 🙂

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    Done! 🙂

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