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  • Hi, I am a new user as well and trying to learn rspider, were you able to solve your problem? I was able to choose the products I wanted and was able to push them to woocommerce though the CSV import but I don’t know how to get my products into my web store.


    No I am still waiting.

    how do you push them to your store using cvs?
    Do you find the products in your products?

    I get through everything fine until it come to edit, it does not edit it says something about the serve it has been like until now, the push to store had the same message coming up then I message them and that was fixed except it says to “successfully saved but when I go to products on woocommerce to check it out I find no products 🙁

    They are in contact with me which is great give me some hope they are doing something about the problem and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    It’s an awesome extension and plugin especially with the facts they have 3 store source options.

    I will keep you up to date when I hear from them.

    I am not sure if you received my last message to you but I am going to repost: When you have selected all the products you want from ali/amazon you can edit them all in the “My list” where it says edit on the side there is say “push to shop”. I didn’t use the “push to store” button instead, I push the button on the top left that says CVS to Woocommerce, then I save the file to my computer. that file is all the product information you chosen. Go into WordPress ” RspiderCSV” chose Import products, then chose the CVS file you saved on your computer, then select “upload file and import”. In “Map Field” make the changes to the direction of the data settings then click submit. then wait, it take some time to download. After that finished you will see your list of products. you can edit them there and do a quick edit and view them in your shop but after that, I don’t know how to make it permanent in my store page. I hope this helped.

    I am going to try this now then get back to you, I really hope this works.

    Do you mean it all show up till your shop but then disappeared?

    I will try your way now and see if it works and see if I can make them stay in store.

    They replied to me saying there is no data on my account and suggest to use another computer as it maybe a security on the computer I used three different computers to no avail.
    anyway let me do this and get back to you.

    A million thanks for the reply 🙂

    yay you are really a genius even Rspider could not sort my issue 🙂

    Now I manage to get the products on my store for editing I notice the published button is not there when using Rspider but there is schedule just click on schedule after you edit each product it will automatically set up the date for the product to go live on your store. now you have to wait for that time to come and your products will be in store.

    any idea why the images did not show it did not come with any images just details and heading.
    would really appreciate your help here, maybe I did not tick the righ boxes at time of import.

    Thanks again

    YAY! It worked for you. :0) Well it took me three whole days to figure that much out hehehe. I am still learning…. No, the images didn’t add on. Hey if you don’t mind grouping or networking, it’s hard and lonely on this journey trying to do online businesses.

    I am very keen to group networking 🙂 it really is a lonely plate when you are a retard on these things lol.
    we are lucky we come across this plugin these guys are kind enough to give us a free plan to try things out. others give no free trial plans just plans that will get you broke before you made a sale hahaha

    did you manage to get your products on your store.Yesterday there was only the schedule button today I came on and find the products that were on schedule already published and the publish button now is back and schedule button gone. I am thinking it takes 24 hours or so to have somethings work.

    Poor woocommece3668

    No one has replied yet to his problem I wish I can help.

    woocommece3668 go to Rspider and use their contact form from there, that is how I get support I was lucky here taya2taya became an expert in two hours he was able to help me.
    I hope you get you issue sorted soon

    This how I get my image, whatever the product you picked go to google images type in the name of the product, then locate your picture then right click on picture click save as onto your computer, keep doing that until you fill up your picture folder with all the products you want.make sure the pics you chose are Ali/amazon pics. add these pictures to you site image/gallery. Hope this helped

    Yes, I was able to get my picture to my site store now. I am a female, by the way LOL :0). I you using woo commerce or Shopify?

    lol, we female want to go into business like pro

    I’m using woo commerce, woo commerce is good for beginners who want to build from scratch especuially if you have not enough cash to build on, problem with shopify is trial is too short it finishes while I’m still trying to find my way around so at the end it’s not a trial after all but a bait to get you to stay hahaha

    There is a woocommerce plugin that can upload images from any url but it cost an arm and a leg if you are just a beginner, so might need to do things in the hard way untill we can afford pro version


    email me here [link removed] 🙂

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