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  • Hi there,

    The plug-in has been working beautifully until today I tried to add an address an this error popped up:

    “Could not add/update address. It appears the data did not change.”
    Below it; says the address was added successfully though.

    “Blah blah Added Succesfully.”

    But does not show in the manage locations section or searching using the interface on the site.

    Was curious if this has occured before and what possible paths may I take to correct this?

    URL this is on is


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    That only comes up to let you know the address was not re-geocoded. I need to create a more accurate message for that. All other data should update, however.

    Hi there,

    I’ve got the same message but my infos are not updated.

    I’m using the latest version on wp 3.4.2 with pro pack.

    What do I need to do?


    I see.

    The data wasn’t updated or created actually, it was during creation of a new entry or attempting to update an entry that the error shows..

    Same for me. In both cases the database is not updated.

    Hi there, the problem hasn’t fixed itself and it seems more than one of us has the same issue, I was wondering if there was a breakthrough or something we could do to fix this issue?

    API Key is entered, there are no other plugins running.

    This is a clean wordpress install with ONLY THIS PLUGIN running.

    I have no idea why this could be happening and we had to move to another server all together to this plugin running… The theme isn’t the issue either, it’s a database issue it seems but I can’t figure out why it’s giving such a blank response.

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    Until/unless someone can provide a case I can reproduce it will be nearly impossible to fix. I cannot just guess and start changing code as it will introduce more problems than it might fix.

    Give me some addresses and/or a CSV file of addresses that will show the issue. I will try to recreate the problem on my dev server and address an bugs found on the next build cycle. to ping me with any info you want to keep private or to get a reply to send me a CSV.

    I am getting this error when I try to add a custom map icon to a location.
    runing on version 4 of plugin and 3.6.1 of wp

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    Product support is provided here:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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