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  • Okay no one has answered my feed question, but I already have a new one. When I went to the xml and css validator links at the bottom of my page, the xhtml one came up with 42 errors!! many of them were referencing things like my google banner and some things I had added to the footer. Could my changes be causing my validation problem, and is there anything I can do about it now. I don’t want to change my page!! Please please please help!!!

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The main problem with your RSS feed is that you have a blank line at the start of it. There’s also a bunch of crap at the bottom, but since that’s your host adding that crap, there’s likely little you can do about it.

    To get rid of the blank line in your feed, look for a file you may have modified that has a blank line either at the very beginning or very end of the file. It’s probably a plugin you’re using. Remove the blank line. That will solve most of your problem there.

    With regard to your XHTML errors:
    – META is not valid. All XHTML tags are *lowercase*. Change it to meta. Same for any other uppercase tags you find.
    – That Amazon iframe: Remove the border=”0″ from it. border is not a valid attribute of an iframe. Yes, that’s Amazon’s fault, I’ve had it too.
    – You cannot put javascripts (including Google ads!) into posts. The post mechanism breaks javascripts. It can be done, but for ads, the best thing is to put them in the template itself, not into the posts.
    – The form at the bottom of the page is inside one big paragraph tag. That’s not valid. You can’t put forms inside paragraphs. Same goes for the tables and such. Rework this whole section, would be my advice.
    – Whenever you have an attribute for an element, like <input type=radio…>, you must put the attribute value in quotes. Always. These are not optional. That should be type=”radio” there. Same goes for the rest.
    – CHECKED is not valid for a radio button. First off, it’s all caps. Second off, it should be checked=”checked” to be valid XHTML. In XHTML, all attributes must have values. Same goes for those <td nowrap>’s. Make them <td nowrap=”nowrap”>’s insetad.
    – Input tags (radio buttons anyway) don’t have content. It’s not like <input>stuff</input>. It’s <input />stuff. These input tags should be empty.
    – A textarea must have both rows and cols attributes. They are not optional.
    – All tags must be closed. That includes <br>. Make it <br /> instead.
    – Finally, that crap at the end of the page… get rid of it, if at all possible.

    Otto: I cannot believe you took this much time to help me! Thank you SO much. I don’t understand all of it, but I’ll figure it out eventually. One quick question though, the amazon border thing, do you mean the links on my pages? or the one at the bottom of the first page? I will probably just take that one out anyway, but I am wondering for future reference.

    I really appreciate you taking this much time and effort to help me. Thank you!

    Wow, give it up for Otto ;’)

    Someone should save his post for stickiness (if it ever gets used in these forums)…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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