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  1. Kimber254
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hello, I've have tried every plug in can find (for weeks) to add shortcode buttons to my users (vendors) to use to insert details quickly.

    On the admin side most all work great but I can' get any of the buttons I make using plugins or shortcodes plug-in that add their own button to show on the user side.

    I have to wonder if it could be user setting or if that a role editor I could use to change the vendor to get the same virtual editor the admin is getting? Thoughts?

    I'm using woocommercial with mgate woo vendor and shortcoder plugin here at wordpress.

    No ever plugin I've tried can be wrong. I can't seem to get answers on the plug-in help section.

    If no one thinks it is user setting, then how to can I find that add product page in the theme editor to add some simple text instructions.

    Thanks for your time

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