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  • Resolved Kaleyko


    I saw couple of videos on YouTube for this plugin and I get know how it’s working. I love the concept of it.


    I’m stuck with a trouble hosting company and I want to move my website from their hosting to another host (Media Temple).

    Note: I will use the same exact domain. (I guess I need to update the nameservers only and make it point to Media Temple?)

    Sadly, Media Temple doesn’t provide a free migrate to them (which is very, very stupid from them; they are leaving TONS of customers.)

    Could I do that with Duplicator? Because all of the videos about the plugin show how to clone the websites with the same hosting and domain name, but on another directory, only. But they did not mention if it’s applicable with a host to another host.

    Plus, Media Temple doesn’t use cPanel, they use something else that I don’t remember it’s name, but they does have a database manager…etc.

    Could I move my website from my current host to Media Temple?

    Another questions:

    1. I know that Duplicator clone everything, but what about the plugins that I configured before the move? Will need to configure, again? I know that I will find the plugins and I won’t download them again. What I mean is will I need to go to every single plugin and configure, again?

    2. Why should I re-save the preemlinks from the dashboard again? I find this a bit scary.

    3. Why should I re-name the title of the website again, too? Doesn’t clone the whole thing?

    I want a clear answer so I could move, correctly.

    I will be thankful!

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey Kaleyko,

    Wow, lots of questions! First I will preference the answers by saying the plugin is currently geared towards developers and system admins. So if your new to this or just semi-technical I would enlist the help of someone who is… With that said…

    cpanel is not required, but I have seen more success with it than with homegrown solutions. As far as each of your questions, here goes…

    Will the plugins need to be configured again?

    In most situations no. However if the migration fails to properly convert any plugin settings then you will need to review them and in most cases just resave.

    Why should I re-save the permalinks?

    This is required because the majority of the logic WP has when saving permalinks is to update your .htaccess file. If you move your site then you will need to resave your permalinks because the .htaccess file may need to be updated again. This is not true in all cases but for many setups it is required.

    Why should I re-name the title of the website again, too? Doesn’t clone the whole thing?

    You don’t have to rename the title you can just leave it the same if you want. The option is there for developers who reuse templates of sites for customers and then rename at install time.

    As I mentioned before, this process is not for novices and requires a deep understanding of many moving parts. So always be sure to test your moves in a sandbox or on your local computer before trying to do it all real-time. This way your familiar with the plugin and all the various connection points work.


    WOW! This was fast support. Thank you so much.

    I was going to edit the post and tell you that I’m aware of that I wrote a lot of question and hope that you could be patient with me.

    I’m very familiar with FTP and everything with WordPress…etc. So, don’t worry about that. I’m just trying to take some clear answers from you, for a clean migration! 🙂

    I would love the other version of the answer above, for developers 😛

    Could I move my website to Media Temple with Duplicator? (Or any other host who uses cPanel, because I don’t have a clear answer if Duplicator is applicable for moving from a regular host to another host.)

    I see that they are using PHP 5.4 (which is have gzip thing support) and all the other specs here:

    Thanks again, I really do appreciate that you are taking some of your time to reply and support all those free users of your plugin (if experienced a successful functionally of Duplicator, I will be more than happy to pay you, if you have the option.)

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey Kaleyko,

    The plugin works with most major hosts. There are detection screens that help you identify if issues might occur. You could always contact Media Template and ask them if the plugin works on there host. I believe others have told me it has, but I have worked with so many hosts that I don’t really remember…

    If you can give the developer version a try it has improved detection screens. The very latest version (0.5.0) can be found by following these instructions:

    -> Browse to
    -> Look for the section “Other Versions”
    -> Click on “Development Version” and download the zip plugin file
    -> Uninstall your current version and install this one
    -> Note: This is a development line version so please test in your sandbox first to make sure you have no issues…

    As I mentioned before you’ll experience success with the plugin if you test it on a no production account, because you can really learn how it works…


    I let you know once I get the plan.

    So the only result I found today about this topic is this:

    Read it, may it will give you a hint of what’s going on their servers to support or something.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    In order for ZipArchive to work sever administrators need to compile it in when they configure PHP. This is a very common practice on the majority of most hosting providers and they should offer this support for a good user experience.

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