• Peepso is just an amazing plugin that every month is powered with long-awaited updates! On the other hand, what a shame not to have a modern platform like Buddyboss for example, I love the design of the icons, layouts, etc…
    I am convinced that you could attract even more people with a modern design and I sincerely hope to see it in place soon…

    Summary of my negatives:

    – I would like to see automatically updated posts on my newsfeed without having to reload the page like Buddyboss already does

    – The important NSFW mod for many communities

    – A real video player (Presto player)

    – Modern design with beautiful layout like Buddyboss

    – The possibility of modifying the menu easily without having to make multiple maneuvers to be able to remove a link in it

    Summary of positives:

    – A team with a big heart

    – A regularly updated plugin compared to Buddyboss

    – A support worthy of its name

    – Features we love

    I only put three stars because for me the design is essential, but I really appreciate your plugin and wish you all the best for the future.

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