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  • I’ve installed this on my client’s new site because it seems that, inevitably, they’re going to have it as an option in a future WP update. I’m using WPML along with Gutenberg and it’s painfully slow.

    Some improvements that are sorely needed:

    • The ability to easily extend the core blocks without having to write new blocks (I’m hoping for more documentation and real, working examples)
    • Better function to link internal pages. The current “type a keyword” is really slow and intermittently works (although, the feature of highlighting words and pasting a url that “auto links” it is pretty cool)
    • Improvement on handling autosaves while actively working. The autosaves hang up the editor
    • Fix the conversion from legacy to blocks — some tags are getting deleted such as spans and lists. Not to mention that list conversion to blocks breaks them apart!
    • Bring back the word count tool (bloggers need it!)
    • Wider editing screen – I don’t like having to scroll so far to get to my content

    What I like:

    • Once the theme’s CSS is set up correctly, it’s a true WYSIWYG.
    • It seems that it’s easier to embed a variety of media

    I’ve been using Gutenberg intensely for the past few days mainly with entering some long and heavily-formatted texts. I haven’t even gotten to the point of coding in some additional meta boxes and custom post types. I’ve read that you can disable Gutenberg for custom posts but some might require and editor along with other special fields. I also haven’t been adding any other graphical items such as videos, photos, and buttons yet so we’ll see how all that goes (especially when working with WPML).

    I’m hoping for a better final product and that the folks at WP are really taking these issues to heart. I want to like Gutenberg but right now I’m just putting up with it.

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  • Thanks for your detailed testing and comprehensive feedback. I’ve linked to your review in the #core-editor Slack channel to hopefully get links to existing Gutenberg Github issues which cover some of the issues you’ve raised.

    I’ve found it’s often easier to add my feedback to existing Github issues rather than create a new issue. It’s also simpler, I think, for the Gutenberg team if feedback is concentrated in issues they are currently addressing.

    Wider editing screen – I don’t like having to scroll so far to get to my content

    content_width and new block widths seems like the best place to leave detailed feedback on this issue at this stage.

    Hello leeseofTBC

    1) Re – The content block width
    This can be adjusted by using recently added code provided by Marius in the Gutenberg Topic support post at
    This code is placed in the functions.php file, which involves some work on the back end of the website.

    An easier way to this, is to use the ‘Code Snippets’ plugin, which allows you to keep a list of codes to add to the functions.php file, so they are easy to manage.
    You can adjust the width by changing the “1024” width in the code.
    It would be nice if this was adjustable from inside Gutenberg, but is helpful anyway.
    It works well, and is a big improvement on the feel for the user.
    You will probably enjoy that.

    2) re slowness during autosaves
    An idea might be –
    To help reduce delay for the users when doing a save, or autosave, the contents could be saved to a local buffer file, and then that could be transferred in the background.
    Any edits, the users makes during the transfer, can then be treated as usual (added to the contents in use). If most of the work is done in JS within the user’s browser, then this process may appear as lightning fast to the user.
    A possible progress bar for (say) “autosave upload working”, could keep the user aware of success or failure.

    I hope this is helpful

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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