• I do like this plugin… it seems to be one of the best free CRM plugins out there… but it is still lacking, big time when it comes to forms. The forms are just horrible. There is no option for radio buttons. You can’t put help text in the form fields nor is there a place to add a ? to help the user further understand the form field. Like on this form I am using right now. Each five fields on this feedback form 4 of them have help text that is different than the field title. There is no way to inform a user that a field is required before they hit submit. The form does not validate phone numbers. There needs to be a way to validate the email address of the user by having the user enter their email twice, and/or there needs to be confirmation page on the form after submit so that the user can confirm the data they have entered before it is actually input into the system. If someone fat fingers their email address, and they don’t put any other way to contact them in the form, you may never be able to contact that lead again. Lost sales? Ummm… YES! Not good.

    Furthermore, there is no option for CAPTCHA which I’m guessing will likely lead to spam. There is no way to change to order of the form fields without going to the data tab. The data tab should just be used to define data fields, not for defining the order they appear on the form. The dropdown function should have a way for the user to select other and then input text if ‘other’ is selected. I could go on… but if they fixed those few things… I would PAY for this plugin.

    A few more things that would be nice:
    -Ability for users to upload files. pdf, jpg, doc
    -Check form for html and other code onSubmit and strip code if it is there (not doing this is how email servers get hacked and used for spam)

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