• You would think one post with 10 5 star ratings should be in the top 10 if 20 other post has 1-5 5 star ratings, but it sorts it based on the date it was rated instead of the amount of times it was rated. That doesn’t make sense. If 20 post were created first, that one with the higher ratings will never show in top 10.

    I was going to ask why it does not sort the “top rated” by how many 5 star ratings one may have, or how to make it do it if there is suppose to be a way. But I saw many others asking similar (if not the same question asked differently) and the author either ignores them or points them to a piece of code someone else used on their website that can not be applied in this case without heavy alterations.

    I don’t know if the author doesn’t care, or just doesn’t know how to sort the items past grouping all 5 stars first, then all 4 stars. But I’d never pay for a plugin where people are ignored and known problems go unfixed for years…

    I’d rate higher than a 1 star, but this plugin can’t even be used without it having to be loaded on the frontpage (and very other page) while being hidden in CSS unless you pay. That uses too much page load and resources when it isn’t needed. Maybe the paid version is worth 3 stars, but I’ll never know since it can’t sort properly. Hopefully he decides to address these issues some day instead of ignoring them.

    I will keep searching for a worthy plugin to serve my purpose.

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