• Suggestions:

    • Option to show dropdown instead of text input (from personal experience, most of the time site only have 2~3 users)
    • Dropdown is loosing focus when trying to click on it, it’s kinda annoying

    Uninstalled it right away, but could be a good thing with some tweaks.

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  • Sorry to hear you had trouble with the plugin. Regarding the option to show a dropdown, the plugin did originally have this but it was causing issues on sites with lots of users and hence it was changed. Maybe we could have something that detects the number of users on the site and then shows an appropriate interface?

    Regarding the dropdown loosing focus is this on the front-end of the site or in the WordPress admin screens please.

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    • Yes, detecting number of users to display a dropdown could be nice.
    • It was loosing focus on WordPress admin screens, didn’t test on the front-end.

    Thanks for answering. Changing rating to 4 because of your consideration.

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