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    It seems that the “Content Color” option apply the color directly to <p> elements only. This is not good as there are many other valid block elements that can be used inside a banner that are not simply paragraphs.

    For example I just tried to create a banner with a bullet list (i.e. using <ul>) list and the text color does not get applied. Wrapping the list around a <p> as a workaround does not work as the WP editor removes the <p> tags.

    A simple and robust solution would be to wrap the content around a <div> and apply the color to it.

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  • Plugin Support Rafik



    Thanks for reaching here.

    Can you please share your page URL we will check and help you.
    Please share a screenshot of what exactly you want.



    We’re evaluating the plugin on a internal address now, so there’s no accessible URL.

    But IMHO the issue if very straightforward to explain and replicate:

    1. Create a banner and add non-paragraph text to it. For example, a <ul> list
    2. For the sake of testing, add a simple text paragraph too.
    3. Assign a text colour to text in the banner edit UI (to make testing easier, assign a colour that is different from your default website colour)
    4. Show the banner — you see that the chosen colour is applied to the paragraph, but not to the list.

    The reason is: the CSS selector that applies the colour explicitly select <P> tags only.

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    Thanks for reaching here.

    Our plugins content color only <p> tag target.

    Your need you add CSS ul li structure.

    Go to the “Additional CSS” part of the dashboard and add below CSS(Path: Admin Panel->Appearance->Customize->Additional CSS).

    .hbupro-hero-banner-wrp-1 .hbupro-hero-banner .hbupro-hero-banner-sub-title ul li{
    color:#8224e3 !important; }

    Let me know if you are any other queries.


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    So you won’t be fixing this?

    It is up to the your users to add classes for all colors/tag combination that can be selected in the UI?

    Note that the <ul> tag was just an example. There are many other tags that can be added to a banner’s content.

    Why not wrap the banner contents with a <DIV> and target it explicitly, which would solve the problem for good?

    Plugin Support Rafik



    Thanks for your suggestion, We will think about this feature.
    Meanwhile, you can add custom CSS as per your need.


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