• There are Designers that cost money. There are designers that doesn’t cost money and are listet in the free downloadable plugin database. This designer plugin is NOT for free, not even the basic functions. When activated you get asked for an API key. No words about costs, of course. To get one you get asked for signing up. There are many qustions to fill out but no infos about costs. Once done you have to notice that you have to pay via Paypal to activate the account. Without that, the plugin is completely useless.
    I usually don’t rate that bad but this ist simply a hoax.

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  • Plugin Author mystyleplatform


    Hi HolgerGr,

    Our pricing starts at $9.99/mo for a license because we host all of the app and your images for usage. The plugin itself is free, and integrates the paid service into any WordPress site.

    These costs are not hidden at all. If you go to our website, right in the main navigation it says “Pricing” and all of our prices are listed right there. The word “free” is nowhere in our description but it does say that it requires a paid license. $9.99 is very affordable fee for years of development and hosting provided to you, complete with support and automatic updates on both the plugin side and the remote applications side.

    Please reconsider evaluating your rating based on the quality of the plugin, software, and service, and not so much on whether or not it’s free. There are lots of plugins in the WordPress marketplace that are free to download but require a paid license for popular features. This is allowed by WordPress and is called “serviceware” – as our plugin says right in the description. We simply could not provide a hosted app with hosted print files for free to the world, it wouldn’t make sense.

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