• 1) I had a 1/6 and 5/6 fields, but the total width plus margin adds up to 100.5%.
    2) Input mask “a9a 9a9” works, but doesn’t validate when uppercase characters are used. The documentation on the website are different from the prompt in the form builder. In the form builder, it says “a – Alphabetical (a-z, A-Z)”, on the website, it says “a – requires any lowercase alphabetic character.”
    3) I accidentally deleted a section, and it was saved even though I didn’t hit the “update” button. So I recreated an entire section, but click away from the builder, guess what? It wasn’t saved. So I re-created a section 3 times.
    4) Duplicating fields just create another field of the same type but doesn’t copy over any setting. What’s the point?

    $200 for the mid-tier version, $400 for the full version. If I didn’t already spend so much time make this thing work, I’d rather switch to Gravity’s full version for $60 more. Likely wouldn’t be this buggy.

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  • Plugin Author Steph Wells


    Hi Jason,

    Thanks so much for the feedback and pointing out a couple issues we hadn’t caught.

    1. We recommend keeping CSS grids turned on. You can find this setting on the global settings page. We hadn’t seen this issue since we have been using and encouraging the use of our css grids. We have fixed this issue for the next release when grids are turned off.
    2. Thank you for pointing out the inconsistency between the instructions in two different spots. This has also been corrected.
    3. Did you see the warning before clicking “Confirm”? “HEADS UP All fields inside this Section will be deleted along with their data. Are you sure you want to delete this group of fields?”
    4. Currently when a field is duplicated, all the settings that have been previously saved are copied to the new field. Copying over unsaved values is in our plans.

    Again, we appreciate your feedback. I wish you the best!

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