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  • Hey guys,

    My website is using the Valor theme:

    I’m pretty much a total newb with WordPress etc. But have done alright altering the website style sheet to what you see from the link above.

    I have two things I would like change but have no idea how to achieve either of them.

    1) I would like to change the website body from white to a darker grey. I had #585858 in mind. Once I have changed the body to this colour I will then want to change all the effected fonts to white to make more visable.

    2) I am going to make a bigger website “Banner” so that it takes up the size of the header. Removing all white (or grey). The only issue I face here is that the image may overlap the “search bar”. How would I go about bringing the search bar to the front of the logo so it isn’t effected by it? Or should it be fine anyway?

    Hopefully the above makes sense (like I said, total newb)… if you would like me to give additional info to help let me know.

    Thanks heaps guys!


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  • Aaron, what you should really do is to learn how to inspect element and make changes to CSS (or hire someone to do it for you).
    I would also recommend making changes to your stylesheet by using Custom CSS Manager plugin. That way you won’t lose your changes if you update your theme.
    For example, to change the color of the “website body”, add this code to the plugin:

    #casing {
    background-color: #585858;

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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