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    WE have several scheduled posts that are posting in the wrong order. Apparently this can happen if the post was saved as a draft prior to scheduling. Is there any way to correct this afterwards, as we have a jumble of posts in the wrong order now.


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  • So looking through some previous reports on this issue. Maybe I should add some detail:

    1- the scheduled posts were created some weeks ago
    2- they were almost certainly saved as drafts while in progress
    3- they were probably previewed as drafts while in progress
    4- they were finally scheduled for a future date
    5- The WP-settings time zone is correct

    The user reports that they have used this process previously without problems with post order after scheduling. We have no CPO plugins that might conflict with this, nor any other plugins/code that would interfere with timings.

    It seems unreasonable that the usual draft/ preview features should conflict with scheduled posts


    Andrew Nevins


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    @houseofstrauss, Please don’t tag your topic with ‘modlook’ to retrieve support – doing that can get your account banned.

    Andrew, I note your rebuff, but rather than firing a curt response, maybe you could have followed my link in the post and this one here indicating that this maybe a continuing issue that needs developer attention.

    You may also note from my profile that I’ve been a forum member here for eight years and not once manipulated for spacial attention or conducted my 228 posts inappropriately.

    Moderator Kathryn


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    Hi @houseofstrauss! I can see where the misunderstanding is happening so I wanted to clarify – the instructions about when to use “modlook” that you referenced are only for the forums, which are for folks hosted over on the platform. On, there are staff members who can step in and help out. (The previous reports you linked are also for sites, in the forums.)

    These the forums, for folks running the WordPress software on their own hosting. The modlook tag is used differently here: “Use the modlook tag on things like spam, people using signatures in their posts, or duplicate threads. Things that a forum moderator should see and correct.”

    Back to the issue you came here to report: you might want to look through Core Trac to see if this is an issue that’s been reported before, and if not, submit a bug ticket.

    Hi Kathryn. Fair comment and I understand your reasoning here. I’ll check the Core Trac and see what appears.

    Thanks for your helpful feedback.

    Moderator Kathryn


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    You’re very welcome.


    Is it that @houseofstrauss is trying to follow the .com procedure to notify of an observed symptom, and that @anevins is following the .org procedure to tend/moderate the thread?

    In other words, has there been a .com vs .org mix-up here?

    Regardless of a possible mix-up,

    It sounds like a good next step would be for me to volunteer to continue defining the symptom even further, until the point where the symptom can be reliably reproduced.

    In cases like this, if the symptom does turn out to be a bug, then the whole community would benefit from it being reported-and-fixed.


    I didn’t see a trac ticket open on this currently.

    I try to reproduce the symptom, by definining and following some concrete steps, based off of the original symptom report:
    0. Make sure the WP-settings time zone is correct.
    1. Create two posts.
    2. Save the two posts as drafts.
    3. Preview the two posts as drafts while in progress.
    4. Finally schedule the two posts for a future date.

    In this example, I set post “3” to publish the next day at 5am, and post “4” to publish the next day at 7am.

    Results of this initial test:
    I log in the next day and check to see what order the posts published in, and to see whether they published in the proper order or not. The results of this test were they published in the expected order. (post “3” first, then post “4”)

    Step 0.) Screenshot:
    2017 09 18 1

    Steps 1.), 2.), 3.), 4.) screenshot:
    2017 09 18 2

    Next day, results screenshot:
    2017 09 18 3

    A good conclusion for now, is that a good next step will be for the symptom to be defined even more concretely — defined in a way such that by following a set of exact steps, the symptom is reliably reproducible. If it’s able to be defined and written up this way into exact steps, then that would be some excellent makings of trac ticket!

    @mjjojo you are doing some good work on this issue. Unfortunately, I am totally booked with work to spend any time on this at the moment. If I see any pattern developing that I can define, I’ll post back here.


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