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  • I’m trying to find a tool that will help me with correcting errors after validating my word press websites.

    For example

    [code]Error Line 901, Column 8: end tag for element “script” which is not open.[/code]

    Is there a tool that will show me the line numbers. SO I can find it? I use firefox. I have firefox and webdev installed. Perhaps I already have a tool and don’t know it.


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    Select the Show Source option and then click Revalidate. If you then click on the line numbers, it will take you to that line in your source code.

    Right under my nose. Thanks!

    OK, I’m going through that process now. How do I go from seeing the error in the validator to correcting it? In the validator, it’s one big page of code, but there’s no equivalent in WP admin (at least not that this noob has found).

    Your wordpress page is comprised from several files, for example, the header.php, the footer.php and so on…

    Perhaps a link to your page would be helpful.. 🙂

    Oops, might help. It’s


    *double post – removed*

    Some of the errors are easy..

    < /span>
    This is repeated again and again, so it’s likely something in the code generated around posts…

    Check the code for these incorrectly closed spans.

    I figured out that the Simple Tags plugin I was using was creating most of the validation problems, notably the issue with spans. I went through the validator and cleaned up the rest of the errors, so I passed the validator. However-

    1. The full site still won’t display in IE, even though it passed.

    2. Where could I see the code about the tags so I can correct it to reactivate it?

    1. IE treats elements differently, it could be any number of things causing a display issue… i’d disable plugins one by one and test as you go…
    2. The plugin code…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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