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Correct VAT errors. 2 types of VAT

  • hi I am from Germany and hope you can somewhat understand my problem 😉 My english is Not so Good

    I run a catering shop that works with 2 tax classes …
    once with 7% and once with 19% (eg for drinks)

    They have also worked wonderfully, and everything was calculated properly and correctly.
    Since the penultimate update (I think) it does not work … more
    The setting was deleted …
    (I have only seen as a customer has bought drinks for this product at all and no VAT is charged.)

    I once class with the standard VAT 7% and the additional 19% for beverages, but in this
    (When I click Insert Row) nothing happens also the other buttons do not work.
    I can click on CSv I import a CSV import, you can.
    I Mach and the Create a CSV with me before the VAT he imported but setting the standard VAT me in this class (with 7%), and not for beverage where it belongs …

    Why is that? I despair yet …

    I hope I can help and I have a far can explain everything well what my problem is …


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