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  • Dear all,

    As already known, Cyrillic links are seen in WordPress as:

    but it should look like this:тестирање-исправне-транслитерације/

    Where is the problem?

    1. WordPress shortens Cyrillic links and shortens them to fit within the 200-character limit. Of course, 200 characters are not seen hereтестирање-исправне-транслитерације/ but, but transliteration translates this into a string of symbols (…d1%98%d0%b5…) and then happens to have 200 characters there.

    2. If I copy that link from Chrome and share that link on Facebook, these symbols are also seen and it’s ugly …

    3. If I copy that link from Safari and share that link on Facebook, the link is seen correctly as it should

    4. Where the link is displayed correctly, it is often truncated so that the words in the link are cut in half (see paragraph 1.)

    So, at the moment I’m not sure where this problem occurs .. In WordPress? In Google Chrome?

    It seems to me the problem could be solved if WordPress could see Cyrillic letters the same as Latin letters.

    Has anyone had any experience or tried to solve this problem?

    It seems to me that WordPress implementation of Cyrillic link support would solve this problem globally.

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Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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