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  • can someone post (or post a link to) the correct format for theme css files in 1.3 so they can be dragged and dropped as they are supposed to in it? Obviously its commented CSS, but its the construction of the important comments that illudes me (and so getting it to show in the theme panel).
    I’ve tried to reverse engineer it by looking at the code, but I suck at regex, so I can’t get the syntax right for the information that is to be displayed.
    Also I’m not sure if you just drop “mynewtheme.css” into the themes folder (which you have to create by hand I may add), or what…?

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  • Well… it might not be, but it would be nice to know that too! 😉
    The code all seems to be there actually, so it looks pretty much done, at least the theme detection part of it anyhow. Mostly I was wondering if anyone else had played with this part of it…?

    Well you could always use my theme manager hack, the original and still the best!
    errr, it is fully explained in the DL, and pretty simple to use.
    If you are still running 1.2 you can get it here:
    If you are on 1.3 then grab this one:

    ooo useful.
    However I just worked out the details after hacking through the code for the last hour. Once I have my theme sorted I’ll stick up a tutorial.. its pretty easy, but would be nice for when 1.3 is released to have some ready made themes that are 1.3 compatible.
    Most other themes probably are.. but will need a few tweaks, so I’ll write that up 🙂
    Of cource tell me if I’m getting ahead of myself here, this all really stemmed from my wanting my current re-design to fit as neatly into the new WP structure as posible….

    oo and I just found a bug in that code – it NEEDS an author and plugin URI else it still displays a link (which is just href=””) around the author and plugin title.
    some conditional check needed there I think….

    If you use unstable versions, like 1.3alphas, you’ve got to expect some problems. If you think you have found a bug, go to and search for it to see if it’s been logged already. If not, then please submit it! 🙂

    thanks Nuke, and yeah I did expect issues, I’ve done beta testing before on software… this little bug is nothing really. I’ve actually found this nightly extremely stable and bug free (tho on occation confusing…).
    Mostly I was just convasing the rather more knowlegaable people that hang around here more often than myself.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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