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    I would like to change the width of the corporate theme from 950px to 1000px. I found the appropriate file and changed it to

    /* grid.css */
    .container {width:950px;margin:0 auto;}

    But after that the theme is not in the center anymore but slides a little bit to the left. I believe that it extended the extra 50px solely caused by a fixed margin right maybe!?

    Since there are tons of files (at least to me) I don’t know which one I have to change so it will center the page. Since I believe it must be somewhere in the grid.css I posted the rest of it. I would appreciate if someone has an idea.

    /* grid.css */
    .container {width:950px;margin:0 auto;}
    .showgrid {background:url(src/grid.png);}
    body {margin:1.5em 0;}
    div.span-1, div.span-2, div.span-3, div.span-4, div.span-5, div.span-6, div.span-7, div.span-8, div.span-9, div.span-10, div.span-11, div.span-12, div.span-13, div.span-14, div.span-15, div.span-16, div.span-17, div.span-18, div.span-19, div.span-20, div.span-21, div.span-22, div.span-23, div.span-24 {float:left;margin-right:10px;}
    div.last {margin-right:0;}
    .span-1 {width:30px;}
    .span-2 {width:70px;}
    .span-3 {width:110px;}
    .span-4 {width:150px;}
    .span-5 {width:190px;}
    .span-6 {width:230px;}
    .span-7 {width:270px;}
    .span-8 {width:310px;}
    .span-9 {width:350px;}
    .span-10 {width:390px;}
    .span-11 {width:430px;}
    .span-12 {width:470px;}
    .span-13 {width:510px;}
    .span-14 {width:550px;}
    .span-15 {width:590px;}
    .span-16 {width:630px;}
    .span-17 {width:670px;}
    .span-18 {width:710px;}
    .span-19 {width:750px;}
    .span-20 {width:790px;}
    .span-21 {width:830px;}
    .span-22 {width:870px;}
    .span-23 {width:910px;}
    .span-24, div.span-24 {width:950px;margin:0;}
    .append-1 {padding-right:40px;}
    .append-2 {padding-right:80px;}
    .append-3 {padding-right:120px;}
    .append-4 {padding-right:160px;}
    .append-5 {padding-right:200px;}
    .append-6 {padding-right:240px;}
    .append-7 {padding-right:280px;}
    .append-8 {padding-right:320px;}
    .append-9 {padding-right:360px;}
    .append-10 {padding-right:400px;}
    .append-11 {padding-right:440px;}
    .append-12 {padding-right:480px;}
    .append-13 {padding-right:520px;}
    .append-14 {padding-right:560px;}
    .append-15 {padding-right:600px;}
    .append-16 {padding-right:640px;}
    .append-17 {padding-right:680px;}
    .append-18 {padding-right:720px;}
    .append-19 {padding-right:760px;}
    .append-20 {padding-right:800px;}
    .append-21 {padding-right:840px;}
    .append-22 {padding-right:880px;}
    .append-23 {padding-right:920px;}
    .prepend-1 {padding-left:40px;}
    .prepend-2 {padding-left:80px;}
    .prepend-3 {padding-left:120px;}
    .prepend-4 {padding-left:160px;}
    .prepend-5 {padding-left:200px;}
    .prepend-6 {padding-left:240px;}
    .prepend-7 {padding-left:280px;}
    .prepend-8 {padding-left:320px;}
    .prepend-9 {padding-left:360px;}
    .prepend-10 {padding-left:400px;}
    .prepend-11 {padding-left:440px;}
    .prepend-12 {padding-left:480px;}
    .prepend-13 {padding-left:520px;}
    .prepend-14 {padding-left:560px;}
    .prepend-15 {padding-left:600px;}
    .prepend-16 {padding-left:640px;}
    .prepend-17 {padding-left:680px;}
    .prepend-18 {padding-left:720px;}
    .prepend-19 {padding-left:760px;}
    .prepend-20 {padding-left:800px;}
    .prepend-21 {padding-left:840px;}
    .prepend-22 {padding-left:880px;}
    .prepend-23 {padding-left:920px;}
    div.border {padding-right:4px;margin-right:5px;border-right:1px solid #eee;}
    div.colborder {padding-right:24px;margin-right:25px;border-right:1px solid #eee;}
    .pull-1 {margin-left:-40px;}
    .pull-2 {margin-left:-80px;}
    .pull-3 {margin-left:-120px;}
    .pull-4 {margin-left:-160px;}
    .pull-5 {margin-left:-200px;}
    .pull-6 {margin-left:-240px;}
    .pull-7 {margin-left:-280px;}
    .pull-8 {margin-left:-320px;}
    .pull-9 {margin-left:-360px;}
    .pull-10 {margin-left:-400px;}
    .pull-11 {margin-left:-440px;}
    .pull-12 {margin-left:-480px;}
    .pull-13 {margin-left:-520px;}
    .pull-14 {margin-left:-560px;}
    .pull-15 {margin-left:-600px;}
    .pull-16 {margin-left:-640px;}
    .pull-17 {margin-left:-680px;}
    .pull-18 {margin-left:-720px;}
    .pull-19 {margin-left:-760px;}
    .pull-20 {margin-left:-800px;}
    .pull-21 {margin-left:-840px;}
    .pull-22 {margin-left:-880px;}
    .pull-23 {margin-left:-920px;}
    .pull-24 {margin-left:-960px;}
    .pull-1, .pull-2, .pull-3, .pull-4, .pull-5, .pull-6, .pull-7, .pull-8, .pull-9, .pull-10, .pull-11, .pull-12, .pull-13, .pull-14, .pull-15, .pull-16, .pull-17, .pull-18, .pull-19, .pull-20, .pull-21, .pull-22, .pull-23, .pull-24 {float:left;position:relative;}
    .push-1 {margin:0 -40px 1.5em 40px;}
    .push-2 {margin:0 -80px 1.5em 80px;}
    .push-3 {margin:0 -120px 1.5em 120px;}
    .push-4 {margin:0 -160px 1.5em 160px;}
    .push-5 {margin:0 -200px 1.5em 200px;}
    .push-6 {margin:0 -240px 1.5em 240px;}
    .push-7 {margin:0 -280px 1.5em 280px;}
    .push-8 {margin:0 -320px 1.5em 320px;}
    .push-9 {margin:0 -360px 1.5em 360px;}
    .push-10 {margin:0 -400px 1.5em 400px;}
    .push-11 {margin:0 -440px 1.5em 440px;}
    .push-12 {margin:0 -480px 1.5em 480px;}
    .push-13 {margin:0 -520px 1.5em 520px;}
    .push-14 {margin:0 -560px 1.5em 560px;}
    .push-15 {margin:0 -600px 1.5em 600px;}
    .push-16 {margin:0 -640px 1.5em 640px;}
    .push-17 {margin:0 -680px 1.5em 680px;}
    .push-18 {margin:0 -720px 1.5em 720px;}
    .push-19 {margin:0 -760px 1.5em 760px;}
    .push-20 {margin:0 -800px 1.5em 800px;}
    .push-21 {margin:0 -840px 1.5em 840px;}
    .push-22 {margin:0 -880px 1.5em 880px;}
    .push-23 {margin:0 -920px 1.5em 920px;}
    .push-24 {margin:0 -960px 1.5em 960px;}
    .push-1, .push-2, .push-3, .push-4, .push-5, .push-6, .push-7, .push-8, .push-9, .push-10, .push-11, .push-12, .push-13, .push-14, .push-15, .push-16, .push-17, .push-18, .push-19, .push-20, .push-21, .push-22, .push-23, .push-24 {float:right;position:relative;}
    .box {padding:1.5em;margin-bottom:1.5em;background:#E5ECF9;}
    hr {background:#ddd;color:#ddd;clear:both;float:none;width:100%;height:.1em;margin:0 0 1.45em;border:none;} {background:#fff;color:#fff;}
    .clearfix:after, .container:after {content:".";display:block;height:0;clear:both;visibility:hidden;}
    .clearfix, .container {display:inline-block;}
    * html .clearfix, * html .container {height:1%;}
    .clearfix, .container {display:block;}
    .clear {clear:both;}

    Thanks you!

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  • The theme uses background images to achieve its look – if you change the size of the containers you’ll need to also edit the images to match. i.e the background images are also 950px wide.

    The containers are probably correctly placed at 1000px but the bg images might be remaining top left relative to the DIV.

    At a glance the theme seems really well crafted with only the 1 width declaration I could see – if you removed (or updated the BG images to match you new width) all might click into place.

    also a link to your site? – all that CSS is meaningless unless viewed in context

    I changed the theme in the meantime. But thanks for your response!!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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