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  1. bohnstudios
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I made a customization of the new twenty ten theme and everything displays fine except on some corporate networks. The example page at 2010dev.wordpress.com/ also does not display any javascript or css on these mentioned networks....the information displays unformated.

    I'm thinking of getting a dedicated IP and maybe that could help? It's basically not displaying the javascript or css. The website is http://www.horizondatagroup.com ...I did have my friend test some other non-wordpress sites I build using javascript/css and they worked perfectly. So, I'm led to believe it might be something in the wordpress code that is causing this to happen. Are there some easy fixes or things I could try? Please help, I'm really stuck on this. This site: http://www.wfu.edu/ and http://www.stephena.com DID display just fine on his corporate network.

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