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    Plugin seems to work fine, with one exception – the core SQL dump file is not uploaded in ‘wp-content/backups’:

    • the SQL dump files are written to ‘wp-content/backups’
    • ‘[database name]-backup-plugins.sql’ is uploaded to Dropbox in ‘wp-content/backups’
    • ‘[database name]-backup-core.sql’ is uploaded to Dropbox in ‘wp-content’ under the name ‘backups[database name]-backup-core.sql’

    Plugin log:

    Uploaded Files:[{"file":"wp-content\/backups\/[database name]-backup-core.sql","mtime":1355215025}]
    11:01:18: Approximately 97% complete.
    Uploaded Files:[{"file":"wp-content\/backups\/[database name]-backup-plugins.sql","mtime":1355215026}]

    Other info:

    • plugin version is 1.4.1, installed 2 days ago
    • ‘wpb2d’ folder was renamed
    • first backup was completed after 23 hours (second backup completed in aprox. 1 hour)
    • the size of core SQL dump is aprox. 47MB; the plugin SQL dump is smaller aprox. 1MB

    Should I worry about the core database backup location?

    Thank you

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  • Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    I will need to do some testing to see if I can replicate this issue.


    Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    I found the issue.

    The new Dropbox API lib for chunked uploads was inconsistent with that of normal ones so files greater then 10MB (the THRESHOLD) would have been uploaded with the dir concatenated to the file.

    I have pushed a fix for it, please delete and re-install the plugin to get the fix and let me know how it goes.




    After replacing the files:

    • Classes/class-wp-backup-config.php
    • Classes/class-wp-backup.php
    • Dropbox/Dropbox/API.php
    • uninstall.php

    the core SQL dump was uploaded to Dropbox in ‘wp-content/backups’.
    I have an error in the log for plugin SQL dump and a 101% completed backup 🙂

    Uploaded Files:[{"file":"wp-content\/backups\/[database name]-backup-core.sql","mtime":1355305120}]
    12:09:28: Approximately 98% complete.
    Uploaded Files:[{"file":"wp-content\/backups\/[database name]-backup-plugins.sql","mtime":1355305121},{"file":"error_log","mtime":1355304693}]
    12:09:34: Approximately 98% complete.
    12:10:49: Approximately 99% complete.
    12:10:56: Approximately 100% complete.
    12:11:02: Approximately 101% complete.
    12:11:02: A total of 27204 files were processed.
    12:11:02: Backup complete.
    12:11:02: A total of 57MB of memory was used to complete this backup.

    Thanks for the fix

    Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    Excellent. Thanks for letting me know.

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