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    I had another issue posted in a different thread.

    Seeing loss of dashboard functionality on two installs on same domain:

    Advice from mod was to do a core re-install. That keeps failing, repeatedly.

    It will start to load and then go to a 500 error. If you check the site during 500, you get “The service is unavailable.” on a white screen.

    It takes anywhere between 2 and 30 minutes for the site to come back again and I get a message telling me an automatic update failed and to try again.

    Today, I got a notice from Google that my site was being listed as malware and pointed to an infected photo gallery. I deleted all of the images and the post for that gallery as a precaution.

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  • Do a Manual Install (FTP).

    And switch to the default WP theme with NO plugins active.

    The manual install scares me, honestly. I’m not sure what my database name and all that other stuff is and how/where to change it.
    Are there certain files I can look at in my FTP first to see what database names, user/pass, etc. I need to remember?
    On a manual reinstall, should I upload everything EXCEPT the contents folder – don’t want to lose my posts, pages, etc.

    Is TwentyTwelve the default theme? Should I try the core re-install from dashboard AFTER I’ve switched to default and deactivated plugins?

    Back-up your entire site first ALWAYS before doing anything like this.

    I thought you said in your other thread that you had switched to twentytwelve with ALL plugins deactivated – preferably by renaming the plugins folder via FTP? That’s the basic troubleshooting step. I’d suggest doing that again – do the problems persist?

    If so, yes, do the reinstall –

    You cannot do the manual reinstall from the dashboard. You must use FTP access – first download a new copy of WP to your local computer. Then using FTP, delete all files/folders EXCEPT wp-content. Then replace the files/folders from the newly downloaded copy – again being careful to not overwrite wp-content.

    I did switch to 2012. But switched back when the fixes didn’t work. Had to reactivate plugins to keep business.

    Again, are there any files in the install that I need to tweak or add to? That’s the part that worries me, not knowing what files to change.

    Could I do the same via GoDaddy? Just copy me content folder to my desktop – I know it’s huge – and the reinstall from GD, then replace blank WP-content with my saved one?

    First, use sub-domains not sub-folders. not (review that with advanced support at GD) Tier 1 there are typically reading off a screen for min wage (ie morons).

    I tried subs when I first did the install for thegoalienet, but it kept failing – GD support said it was because we were redirecting to the sub. Their advice was use folders instead.

    Tier 1 there are typically reading off a screen

    I combed through the FTP and rooted out 7 instances of default.php running in various folders and subs. Some were from old pre-WP versions of the site.

    Once I deleted all of them – and did some other maintenance on the FTP – all functionality returned AND I was able to do automatic core reinstall.

    Thank you for all of your help.

    Situation resolved. Thanks.

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