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  • The WordPress core development team will be having an in-person meetup the week of December 12, 2011. This thread is to collect questions you have for the team (Matt Mullenweg, Ryan Boren, Jane Wells, Mark Jaquith, Peter Westwood, Andrew Ozz, Andrew Nacin, Dion Hulse, Daryl Koopersmith, Jon Cave) so that we can answer them in a series of posts/videos coming out of the meetup. Leave a comment on this thread if you have questions you’d like the team (a specific member or any/all) to answer.


    • Make your questions specific whenever possible.
    • If asking a code-related question, mention the relevant core file or link to an example site/plugin/theme in your question.
    • Be polite, even if you’re asking about something that drives you crazy.
    • Ask things we haven’t answered a million times before.


    • Reply to or comment on other people’s questions; that will get in the way for this thread (and will get deleted; please respect that this thread has a different purpose than normal support threads). Just ask your own questions, please.
    • Be aggressive, use profanity or a rude tone.
    • Be afraid of asking a silly/dumb question. We were all newbies once.

    We’ll try to answer as many questions as we can, and will come back and leave replies with links to the posts or videos where we answered the question after the meetup.


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  • Why are you using Joomla for the WordPress swag store? There are so many great WP plugin options out there and Cart66 worked great for the old shop!

    This is probably a question you heared before but I still want to know since the amount is getting bigger it seems.

    What are you guys going to do about the 960 tickets awaiting for review and 1805 tickets that are for future release. Shouldn’t there be a special release so address all the tickets?

    Do you think moving from subversion to git would increase contributions to core and the theme / plugin repositories? If so, what is it going to take?

    I know this is something that has been talked about before, but it would be great to hear more discussion about this important topic.

    WordPress got several mobile apps. At the moment it isn’t really on the roadmap for WordPress core. Does this going to happen? The reason I ask is that the XMLRPC should be replaced by a JSON variant because of speed. Also a lot of functionality is missing to make the mobile apps really useful. Would love to hear the thoughts from Matt about it.

    A clone to replicate twitter functionality, and accesible via Mobile apps.
    P2 Theme doesnt work perfectly 🙁

    Can Full Path Disclosure (FPD) vulnerabilities be remediated throughout WordPress and can the development team stop blaming FPD on the users environment.

    Please see

    What is being done to increase the security of WordPress plugins? These have now become the weak link in WordPress security.

    I am happy to see that Post Format has been added to the Quick Press applet (and hopefully the mobile app, soon) – can you speak to the WordPress vision, with regards to enhancing the user’s ability to post content from outside the traditional Dashboard?

    Simple but interesting: When wordpress will be able to reduce the used memory limit?

    I would like to know and/or understand why we aren’t able to hide or not index media that has been upload to a WordPress site. I think having the ability to make media private or password protected like we can pages and post. This functionality could be of extreme benefit to WordPress as a CMS.

    The past couple of years have scene a schism form in the Drupal community over the size, scope, and goals of the package. Has the WordPress team considered ways to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen to the WP core, and if so, what are those plans?

    So, what are your priorities for 2012? Could each core developer please name one functionality he/she would like to add to WP core in 2012. Thanks in advance…

    Ross Wintle


    WordPress is pretty good at what it does. I recommend it to people because of its great balance between ease of use and extensibility. I have seen other products suffer by trying to be all things to all men – this leads to bloat in the code and UI and could severely hamper ease of use.. Do the team envisage a point where the core functionality of WP is, essentially, complete, and development of major new features ceases (or at least reduces)?

    I want to know if you will at some point focus on improving the built-in search system. It’s really the only thing in WordPress that has not been improved so far.

    Where do any of you see the development of the multisite feature headed? Is it just a matter of cleanup now and code improvements?

    Given how more people are using it for related sites, do you see a point at which it will be easier to share content between sites in a network? Or will this always remain plugin territory?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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