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  • knitvision


    My featured image, does not work with Coraline theme. I keep my Coraline (1.0.1)theme and plug ins are updated.
    I can select an image for ‘featured image’ and it will show up in the sidebar of my editing page and sometimes will show up in the header when previewed. But then it disappears. Sometimes it will not appear at all.
    Is it possible that this theme does not support this feature or have I missed something?
    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    My site is :

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  • skarjune


    I have the same problem with Coarline. I have several posts and pages that display the featured image in the header, but have lost the ability to display on new posts or pages, although post thumbnails do work with the featured images.

    Let’s try to resolve the issue, but not sure where to look into this.



    OK, resolved. use a big image. The image must be at least 990 wide by 180 high in order for the header slice to be created. Else, you would need to hack the sizing somehow.

    Any tips for managing cropping of header slice? I have FTP’d a replacement image and that works.

    I am trying to move a site from to my own hosted .org.
    Featured images worked on .com, and are properly transfered over to my new site- but the header NEVER changes. Is there a setting somewhere I need to enable to get the featured image as header to work?

    I’ve also tried uploading a new featured image, to remove the whole “it’s a transferred image” stigma. That didn’t fix it either.

    I haven’t used or migrated from, but if you are using Coraline or another theme that supports headers & featured images, it should be fixable. So, check that you are using Coraline or that your theme does support WP3 headers and featured images. Check that each post and page has a featured image set, and if not then set them over again on the main edit page in the Featured Image meta box, lower right.

    Yeah- the theme claims to be able to use featured images. But it doesn’t work for me.

    I’ve gone through and checked everything- it’s all set correctly. Even created a new post. Still no dice.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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