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  • I am hacking up an admin screen that will let you easily copyright your WP blog through Creative Commons. You will basically be able to pick a license and input the number that corresponds to it (1-12), save it and automagically the image/text link and href appear on your blog pages.
    I hope to have it done by this weekend. Let me know who would like to have this and if the Dev team is interested in adding it to the tree.

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  • Jesuit,
    I would like to add this to the documentation effort. Please do post back here once you have it up and running!




    Hoo-Ha! As some one who has CC on his site, I’d Love to have that feature.

    I am reluctant to add this to the main distribution mostly because I feel that many people take on Creative Common licenses lightly, when in fact making your content available under that model should be a deliberate decision that you make cognizant of the near-term and long-term implications. So while I think it’s a great idea for a hack, it will most likely not be rolled in.

    Just thought I would drop a line here and update everyone. I am half way through the hack, but of course I just thought of a better way to store and retrieve the data, so I am thinking of scrapping what I have and re-writing it.
    I will decide tomorrow, and let everyone know if the wait will be longer than expected. It is coming along pretty well, but my only concern now is that the way I have written for myself, integrates it into the admin interface. This is somewhat problematic since everytime you update, you will have to edit options-permalink.php and options.php, and drop in the new file options-copyright.php.
    I was hoping that this would be folded into the tree when I started, so I didn’t really consider having to maintain this as a hack. I will be willing to hear any suggestions or thoughts from the gallery.

    Before I came across this thread, I was going to make a request w.r.t. licenses.
    Most of my entries will be available under one particular Creative Commons license (haven’t decided exactly which, yet). However, from time to time an entry of mine will be adapted from one or more <cite>Wikipedia</cite> articles, so I will have to provide it under the GNU Free Documentation License.
    To pick a more mundane example, if someone republishes the Declaration of Independence on their Weblog, but their template claims that it’s under another license (even a Creative Commons one), they’re breaking the law.
    Therefore, I think that:
    (1) the license for an entry should be set the same way Comments/Trackbacks are — a default setting that can be changed for individual entries;
    (2) the license should not be restricted to Creative Commons licenses.
    Thanks, Chris!

    Good points, I have suspended work on the hack while I contemplate this, it seems that to set it up this way will be a challenge. Are you proposing that the copyright be machine readable, ie as the RDF tags are now in the pages, and not human readable, ie a link or image of some kind that designates the copyright; or are you proposing that there will be a text link/image that is visible as well as the embedded info?
    I am looking forward to your thoughts on this.

    Has there been any progress with this hack?

    Yeah I have the Creative Commons hack written. It works pretty flawlessly. But at this time it is only for the CC licenses.
    This hack requires adding a table to your database, and editing some files within the wp-admin folder. I can give you a php script that adds and populates the table, but I am afraid that you will need to edit the files in wp-admin yourself.
    This brings up a question though. Should there be a way to easily add pages to the admin interface, somewhat like my-hacks? Meaning that you would throw the appropriate info in a file, say my-panels.php; when this is enabled in the config much like my-hacks is today, a new option is added to the end of the top menu, say after View Site, that is like My Panels, and when you click on this you get access to any funcitons you have added.
    Just wondering.
    Let me know if anyone here would like to have this Creative Commons hack, and I will post the files you need.

    I’d like to have the files. Thanks!

    I will work on getting this packaged up and ready to go this weekend.
    One thing though, this will not be an “officially” approved hack, since I am not adhering to the admin’s schema for writing hacks. I have many reasons for this, the least of which is that I write the code the way I want to, since these are all for my use first, others second. Not to mention that if I use a built in function and it is deprecated at some point in the future I will have to re-write the hack; my way as long as the table names don’t change, it doesn’t matter. 😉
    So if you are only into hacks that Allusion and the other admin’s have given their “blessing” to, then you should probably skip this one (no hard feelings with the admins, they have reasons for their actions whether I agree with them or not; they work very hard and are deserving of our respect.)
    If you are interested in my other two hacks, you can find them and soon the third one at my site:
    Thanks guys,

    The files are now up over at my site:

    When I try your links, I get an “Sillyness Spelled Wrong Intentionally (404)” error…

    Anyway, it would be good to have such a feature – especially if it also has rdf-capability.

    By the way, I have two photo sites – one with full copyright and one under creative commons licence.
    So far, I placed the logo and the link in the template of the second site, but it would be nice if I could also have it in a machine-readable format.


    is this hack for 1.2 or 1.5?

    if it’s for 1.2 will you be upgrading it to work with 1.5?

    btw. i’ve aslo asked this on you site ;

    sorry for the double posting 😉


    I don’t agree with Matt’s view that people who use CC licenses take them too lightly. I’ve been threatened with a lawsuit over copyright infringement in my blog merely for quoting a portion of a freely available online article. So believe you me, my CC license is something I’m very serious about.

    Take a look at this CC URL ( ) & you’ll see that Typepad, MT AND now have automated the installation of CC licenses for their users. I believe that WP should do no less.

    Also, the correct link to Chris’ hack at his site is:
    (lose the 455 Chris appended above).

    Can someone tell me what this hack provides that is better than merely adding CC license code (which you’d get fr. the CC site itself) to your header file?

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