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  • Hello,
    We are working on a bigger project that could involve the use of a blog.
    We could do one from scratch but why reinvent the wheel when you did a masterfull job?
    I cant say what our poject is about but lets say we have a site that does a lot of stuff.
    Among the facilities there will be this one: adding, using blogs withing the sites community.
    This would be a secondary facility. The main focus would be arround something thatthe community will do. This would be just an addon to give people extra freedom and space.

    We will be charging for membership in that comunity. We’ll not sell the source for the site nor the addons.
    The question is can we freely use WordPress? In our case will there be any limitations? (we can use the wordpress brand. its no concern for us to hide brands and to have our own).
    Thank you.

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  • Vague questions get vague answers…

    If you want to offer separate “blogs” to individual community members – you may want to take a look at WP MU (multi user) >

    Your topic title is misleading: no matter what you do, the copyright (of the code) will always belong to WordPress and its developers. Even if you sell it, which you can do – but keeping under the same license!!!
    Maybe you wanted to ask something else…?

    BTW, there is a License that comes with the package; put your legal experts to read it!

    Until i get legal experts this is exactly what i dont understand.
    I dont want to sell the blogs.
    Imagine we make a videogame that has among other menus the one called blogs and everybody can make one to discuss the game…
    I just need to know if i can charge the guys for the game without finnacial obligations towards WordPress. (we’ll sell subscriptions for the game not the actual game)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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