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  • Copying content from MS Word to WordPress 3.9 does not give same formatting results as it give before 3.9.
    Content appears as it has been pasted as TEXT option on. But TEXT option is not ON.
    Pasting from MS Word certainly need improvements.

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  • I agree. Is there a plug in available that will allow me to filter out the html tags that i don’t want and allow the ones I do like strong,li,ul,ol,indenting and line
    /paragraph<p> breaks? My clients are screaming for a simple copy/paste from word solution.

    To save you time in the post reply…
    No on the using the word post to blog option for xmlrpc and no on using the compose post in WordPress as this would break the workflow the clients have established.

    This is the workflow that needs to be working:

    1.compose article offline in word.
    2. copy/paste from word to WordPress
    3. Save draft for future publication.

    Move on to next article…

    No hand editing in the visual editor to add back formatting.
    also make the preview show the post as it really will look not pre-stripping word code.

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