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  • Hi,

    Am learning quite fast – but a newbie so please bare with me lol!

    I have a wordpress blog ( using Hemingway template. I’ve made changes to fonts, widget locations, menus etc

    I have just created a new wordpress blog ( again loaded Hemingway template – and I want to pretty much copy everything over from the first one into this one – and then make changes from there.

    e.g. formats, fonts, widgets, location of widgets, menu set up

    is this possable?

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  • Nile Flores


    Yoast Support

    You could copy over the style sheet.

    Now, if you aren’t keeping the same content on the new site, you can just have each site’s WordPress backend opened side by side and copy the changes over.


    In the case you’re wanting to copy it all… content, widgets, and design… you can clone/ copy the site. There are a few plugins available out there that can do that. WP Clone (available in the WordPress plugin directory), Duplicator (available in the WordPress plugin directory), and Backup Buddy (this one is a premium plugin that costs.)

    Thanks Nile 🙂

    Sounds like perfect solution.
    Easiest to copy everything and then make adjustments…

    Question? Do I get this plugin on both blogs or the original or the new one?

    Thanks heaps again,

    Nile Flores


    Yoast Support

    Yes, in order to copy, you need to install on both. Copy the first site, and then use the plugin on the second site to import. 🙂

    have done as suggested – now need the url…
    however, for the life of me i can not find the
    wp-content/uploads/ folder that it says i can find the url link – any ideas? i’ve found nothing when googling about it!

    sorted it!!
    thanks 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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