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  • Hello, and thanks again for your help!
    I am creating a new website utilizing 2 plugins both of which allow for custom field creation or meta-data. (Toolset and Essential Grid). I really like essential grid for displaying posts and while Toolset does this via its Views plugin, I prefer the convenience of EG. The problem is, neither of these plugins see the others meta-data/custom fields. So for example, I could create a field which holds the telephone number in Toolset, but EG doesn’t see it and vice-versa, so I have to create a 2nd meta-field in EG to utilize that exact same telephone in its grid. Is there a plugin or easy way to simply copy the data from a single field into its complement behind the scenes when the post is saved/updated?

    Should this require programming, it would be really helpful to me if possible to see such code with dummy field slugs, for example, eg-telephone and ts-telephone. I hope that’s not too much to ask.

    Thanks again! And hope everyone is healthy!

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    That can be addressed, but I’m not sure I’d say it’s easy. I’m unaware of such a plugin, which does not mean one does not exist. Data can be intercepted through action and filter hooks, so data meant for one meta key goes instead to another.

    On the retrieval side, the function to get meta data is also filterable, so it can send data from key-2 even though key-1 was requested. I’m sorry, but I’ve no example code I can offer.

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