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  • Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve been working diligently for the last month or so styling my menu bar and header using css styling adjustments to the parent wordpress theme “pinboard”. I’ve just about got the header, menu, and logo the way I want them…but when i went to go in and start building the layout of the rest of the site, i couldn’t do what i wanted to do very easily so i decided to purchase Headway Theme ( which has a very user friendly approach to layout amongst other benefits.

    But here’s the rub, Headway is a parent theme, so i’m going to lose all the work I’ve been doing. My idea here is to use a child theme to import the work I’ve done that i want to keep, however, I’ve never made a child theme before, and because the design of my header (including menu and logo) is in two places (the “pinboard” parent theme AND my custom css manager) I don’t know how to isolate just the elements I want to put them into the child theme.

    I’ve played around with my current site a lot ( but the ONLY thing i want to carry over is the black and white at the top that contains the tree logo and the nav menu with it’s styling (is this all considered the header?)



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  • Unfortunately, theme elements and CSS are not very interchangeable, so you’ll likely need to do quite a bit of copy/pasting and fussing around to move them from one theme to another…

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