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    I have been developing a new version of a website currently in use. Now I’d need to copy the users and their orders from this production website’s Woocommerce to this new one. Is there any handy way for doing this operation?

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  • Yes, use PHPMyAdmin and export the database tables. It might not be very easy but most reliable. You can fetch data via PHP, Python, Ruby too.
    Ask WooCommerce on support tab –
    for ready to use solution.

    I need this same capability and, unfortunately, none of the WooCommerce solutions are anywhere near “ready to use.”

    It’s particularly unfortunate that WooCommerce doesn’t offer some path to accomplish this because, without it, the presence of the WooCommerce plugin breaks any proper development, staging & production arrangement.

    WooCommerce offers expensive plugins for exporting and importing but both of those solutions are not solutions at all because they sidestep using those tools to deal with this particular need.

    I worry that another ecommerce plugin will jump to provide this functionality and eclipse WooCommerce’s dominant market position.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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