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  • After much encouragement by Beel and others, I’ve decided to make Firefox my default browser again. First thing I discovered is that my “alt” image tags don’t show up. A little research and I learn that Firefox requires “title” tags but “alt” tags are still needed also.

    I guess my first question is, Why is Firefox not satisfied with “alt” tags? Seems like just adds a lot of work to add “title” tags to every image just to make Firefox happy. I’m sure there is a good reason, just doesn’t make sense to me.

    But my main question is, since title tags are a requirement, is there a way to copy the alt tag as a title tag for all posts without editing each post manually?

    Thanks for any ideas or help!

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  • I’ve read the sticky and am not sure if I understand what bumping is, I hope that’s not what this is considered. If so please let me know. I’m truly confused on that issue. When a question is not replied to in 24 hrs I am assuming is ok to re-phrase to provide more clarity, but if not, I do not mean to be rude.

    I’ve never worked with a database before. With regular web pages, I can load multiple pages in my editor, do a “find” to find each “alt” tag, highlight the line, copy, paste, and change the second “alt” tag to “title” then save and upload all.

    Does anyone know a way to do something comparable with WordPress or databases, or at least to do a “find” on each individual page so not necessary to weed through every word to change things?

    I appreciate those who volunteer their time to help.


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