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  • Hello,
    I’ve just installed WordPress for my wife. I then manually coppied and pasted a few months of entries from a previous static blog she had kept. It all went fairly well, but most of the coppied entries don’t wrap to fit on the screen. The slider on the bottom scroll bar is about an inch long. the font of the coppied entries is also smaller and in a different font. I thought that as I was copying from her previous blog through netscape, that might have something to do with it, so I coppied into notepad first, but that didn’t make any difference. the vast majority of the coppied entries have absolutly no HTML tags in the entry. I am at a complete loss.
    I did search first, but couldn’t turn up anything.
    Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

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  • a picture is worth…

    If I understand correctly, see
    basically entries before December

    my wife figured out the answer; the use of tabs causes this problem. (The link above still works, but it won’t show the errors.) The next question becomes, is this expected behaviour, and I should click resolved, or is something weird going on and should I file a bug report somewhere?

    The link above never worked… what do you mean by “tabs” – there are no tabs in html. Depending on the blog you were using before there are some export/import functions available for WP.

    sorry for the typo, try
    look at the entry entitled “test” at the top. It should answer the previous questions.

    That line starts with this:
    I remember someone else complaining about a similar issue, but cannot find it; though in that case ALL the posts had this anomaly.
    How do you copy/paste those texts?

    Ah, yes, I believe it was a thread where I responded that it was one of the plugins – Markdown, Markup, or something like that.

    Any time you’re copy n pasting from a “word-processed” document format (such as copy into wordpad, copy out to wp, or even god forbid into word and back out!), some of the white space is going to “decide” it’s tabs.

    The only good way to prevent this is to copy from the static blog into a “vanilla” notepad replacement (I use notepad2 from but there are many others) then back into wp.

    Apparently something, maybe the markdown plugin, which is installed, has decided that the tab character should be interpreted as the <pre> tags and then something else decides that I forgot to close the tags, and then does so at the end of the line.
    The text for this example was composed in plain old ordinary notepad, and then copied (ctrl-c) and pasted (ctrl-v) into the window where you write a new entry.
    As for the original entries that started the whole thing, they had intentional tab characters to start new paragraphs.
    I will now delete the test entry, mark this topic as resolved and close with a big thanks to all for all your help.

    Well, if it’s windows notepad we’re talking about here, it’s not a very good “vanilla” text generator…. not surprisingly.

    Glad you got it fixed…. though one other little thing to keep in mind: html doesn’t “do” tabs as text-indents. At least not without a LOT of persnickety silliness…..

    Yep, Markdown has, from my experience here, caused more problems than it is worth (never did know what its “worth” was in the first place 😉



    Using tabs to force paragraph breaks was a nightmare when I worked in print design. You couldn’t reformat the text without huge white rivers of space showing up in the wrong places needing tons of cleanup.

    In general using “intentional tab characters to start new paragraphs” is just a bad idea because html editors don’t deal well with tabs either. The equivalent of the hard return in print is the <p>and </p> tag to enclose a paragraph in html. Even multiple <br>‘s would be better.

    Maybe check out some basic html tutorials online and use the conventional tags to format what you need. Starting off with code as clean as possible gives you better odds of stuff working.

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