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  • Due to the problems I have been having with importing my blogger blog to wordpress I have decided to try something that is working out well. I have installed wordpress on my PC on an EasyPHP server. As a test, I was able to successfully import my test blog with this.

    What I would like to do is import my real blogger blog to my local wordpress and copy the posts to my hosted wordpress blog through the database.

    Here is my question…

    What is the minimum I need to copy to get the posts from my import blog to my real blog? I was originally thinking of backing up my real blog DB, moving that to my local PC (with the appropriate changes that I have seen documented), import from blogger, and reverse the process to get the posts back to my real blog.

    However, looking at the tables it seems like it would be possible to just reset my local blog, do the import, and copy just the posts (not the options) to my real blog DB. Would this work? Which tables would I need and can I do this without f*&#ing up the entire DB?


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  • When I’m copying my hosted site db to my local one, I grab just these tables:


    The table prefix (wp_) may be different for you (I’d include wp_categories if you add to this often). I drop the same tables in my local setup, then import. However, starting from scratch you should export then drop and import all the tables minus wp_options.

    Thanks, I will give it a try. This is only a one time thing (for now) just so that I can import from blogger successfully. I will copy everything minus wp_options from my live blog to my local blog, import from blogger, then copy those tables above back to my live blog (after the appropriate amount of backing up).

    Thanks for the help, I will report back how it goes for those who are considering the same thing.

    So far so good.

    I installed EasyPHP
    I installed WP (I copied the files from my live server, but I doubt that was an improvement except that I can try and edit my theme).
    I imported my blogger blog. It failed the first time I tried, but I clicked on import, and selected the blog again (75% done), and it continued without issue.
    Now I have my blog on my local server. It all looks good. Everything is there. The formatting is a bit different on some of my more obscure entries, but that I can fix.

    I have not yet copied the DB back to my main blog. I don’t want to copy it until I figure out an easy way to convert the photos and links from blogger to my domain (I suspect that I can automate this with some php, but I’m still new to php).

    If anyone has any suggestions about how I might automate the process of downloading any embedded jpgs hosted on, save them on my server, and fix the links, that would be great.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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