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Copy content without over-writing new configuration

  • My wordpress wizard worked on an empty theme instead of an identical theme with my content. Right now, I have two identical themes – one with content but not configured, the other configured but no content.

    How do I move content into an identical theme without overwriting theme options and configurations the wordpress wizard did?

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  • You have to connect it to the database which has the content you want on the site. you find info on that here

    If both themes are installed on the same wordpress, they should be able to access the same content, since, as deepbevel said, the information is stored in the database, not the themes. Maybe you have two different installations (two different urls?) ?

    oops, I shouldn’t have assumed 2 wp installs. that matters for sure.

    yes my learned friends, two different URLs.

    Then you have two different installations :). You can probably use the wordpress exporter (under tools>export) to make an export file for the installation with the content and then import it to the other one (tools>import) or copy the theme into the installation with the content, depending on the url you want to use. Which of the two is the blog you want to keep using?

    The key thing is I don’t want to lose all the work done on the final website – unsignedRus.

    All content is at B is disorganized because it originally looked like A but the programmer has done some configuring of the appearance at C and while I want the copy from B, I don’t want to lose the work done on C. Hope this makes sense. My final blog should be C I’ll be deleting the duplicate theme of B.

    Yes, that makes sense. If your programmer has done his job right, you should lose anything, don’t worry :). But, again, which is going to be the url of your blog from now on?

    http://unsignedRus.com is going to be the blog. I just want all the content and plugins from the old site. okay so export from old, import to new. Sounds pretty straightforward as long as I don’t import and over-write attributes.

    Don’t worry, when you export/import the only thing you’ll be adding is post content and media, nothing else. You’ll be missing the plugins, but you can install them later, don’t worry.

    Very comforting! I’ll give it a shot, much appreciated, cheers!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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