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  • I am used to writing my posts on a word processor and copying and pasting them. Is there a plugin which allows this as I can’t seem to paste anything on to my post page from my browser.

    Also is spellcheck a plugin because mine does not seem to work?

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  • Well I’m not sure about any plugins on that, or whatever. But, if you’re talking about using something like MSWord or whatever to write up articles, then copying and pasting them into the blog…DON’T.

    It will spit out errors for you. Maybe not right away, but it will.. Use NotePad2

    On that question she has, is there away to be able to paste in stuff instead of having to hit: Ctrl + V to do it? LOL!


    – Wasn’t trying to sound mean, but there was just a few people lately that did that..and had alot of problems with their site’s layout and posts. Stuff went screwy for them.. =(

    Might want to give a look at w.bloggar too.


    that is too funny but I have been doing it with blogger and lately my formatting has been quite messed up.

    No seriously though nothing will past into my post space on my wordpress blog I have to write it directly there. I need to spell check seriously sd that is my concern.

    You could always have it spell checked with something, then use NotePad2 to make sure nothing extra will be added to the article.

    Then copy it from NotePad2 and then just hit: Ctrl + V (button) To paste it into the Post box. =) That should work ok for you then. =) Again, as for the plugins for it, I’m not sure if there is any or not.. a moderator should know more about this. =)


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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