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  • Hi,

    I am new to the WordPress world. I have had a website designed/made for me. I am needing to add the content now to the site. The way it appears on the page at the moment looks very basic and not very interesting to read which is not what I am after.

    Is there a way I can write, design the content in a program like Word/Powerpoint and then copy and paste it across over to the site within WordPress?

    Or something similar…. so i can make it look professional and smart and then paste it to the site?

    Thanks for your help and please try to keep the response as basic wordpress talk as possible!

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  • Basically you need to use an HTML WYSIWYG editor, You can create your page in the editor and then copy the “source code” to the text tab of your wordpress page.

    Formatting a page in a Word processor will cause all kinds of problems because the formatting codes with in the Word Processor are not recognized by the world standards that WordPress uses for the internet

    Microsoft products are notorious for having non-standard text formatting.

    WordPress gives you the “Visual” tab in your page editor so you can see/format you page text directly with in your editor. It’s a bit of a shift in mindset, but once you understand the formatting with in WP, you can create some great articles. Otherwise get yourself a good HTML editor and use the copy/paste drop your HTML code to your text tab in your article.

    Thanks for your reply its very helpful already

    1) Recommend any videos showing how to being using WordPress page editor to its full capability?

    2) Can you recommend any good HTML editor programs for Mac?



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    1. Have a look through

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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