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  • Hi,
    is anyone working on a Coppermine integration with WordPress? If not I will give it a shot…
    What I want to do is show the images of a coppmine album as a single post in WordPress. Maybe show a single image in a “normal” post.
    I am open for suggestions, so feel free.

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  • Nobody is working towards it. I was thinking of giving gallery a shot, but gave it up for several reasons.

    err coppermine is full of sloppy code, has a most inflexible template system with zillions of hardcoded tags and validates as… err HMTL? not even that since there’s missing tags all over the place. just take ANY page coppermine creates and paste it into your html eddy and do a sytnax check…
    i don’t know how people come to praise coppermine. yeah it “works” but is it any good? not by my standards.
    gallery is better than coppermine, still also has major flaws and for sure is simply overkill for WP imho.
    i was more thinking along the lines of integrating image posting more neatly with WP (e.g. as in drupal with image module), supporting EXIF data and thumb navigation, all javascript less, since I really don’t want to use javascript if i can avoid it.
    no “gallery” script is needed to achive that. besides I came to the conclusion that any and CMS to date falls short on “content management” since for me everything can be content, not just text and images…
    nu to coppermine and ni to gallery

    I’ve used both Coppermine and PHP Gallery. PHP Gallery is much much better overall, despite not looking very pretty out of the box. V 2.0 should bring a lot of enchancements and MySQL backend … I’m waiting.

    I wrote a small integration of Coppermine in WP.
    Just have a look on my site, (the module is downloadable) :
    All gallery systems have advantages. Some are better than others…Let’s say Coppermine is not bad, Gallery is not bad, etc…

    Thank you Idaho. Fortunately I’m one of those Coppermine gallery users. (Sneers at the gallery users and rubs mud on the faces of the Gallery users.) Thank you for the module!

    I wrote another coppermine plugin here.
    Here’s the link to the post in the forum:
    It will display a random image from your coppermine gallery on the frontpage. The image is clickable and will bring up the album display. It will also display the title of the image under the thumbnail.
    You can see it in action here:

    How can I make your hack work? Can’t find any instructions on your blog:/

    I second Anonymous’ “suggestion”, idahocline. Your hack looks GREAT, but it needs a readme or at least some basic instruction. Not all of us are coders, ya know 😉

    True ! I know ! But I am rather busy…I just had few help on my site.
    I have only few hours a week to surf, develop. And furthermore as I am a bit lazy (yeah !) and I hate writing doc….You know always the same story ! ;o)
    Soon (normaly this week-end), a new section will be available, where all hacks/modules will be documented…

    Ok thanks for your reply. Looking forward to use your hack!

    Is there any chance of anyone writing a bridge to allow me to login to word press and coppermine at the same time? I can offer some free webhosting if you can do it… drop me a line for more info.

    I got your hack from
    and I installed it, but now, everytime I post the code for the image all I get when I want to view it is this:
    SQL/DB Error:
    [You have an error in your SQL syntax near ‘OFFSET 4’ at line 1]
    SELECT filepath, filename, title FROM pix_pictures WHERE aid=5 ORDER BY 5 LIMIT 1 OFFSET 4
    the blog is here:
    help would be very much apriciated.

    I am currently re-doing the hack. I will post the updated version as soon as I am done!

    I updated the hack! The cpg tables MUST be in the same database as the wordpress tables, otherwise the thing won’t work.
    The plugin supports now three commands:
    [cpg_image:2,4] –> would insert the 4th image in the 2nd album
    [cpg_album:4] inserts clickable album thumbnails
    [cpg_random:2,normal] inserts a random image of the 2nd album in normal size (“thumb” can also be used as the second parameter)
    Here ist the link to thesource code

    lennart: could you please allow thumbnailed images to be posted individually and linked the normalised versions?
    I’d like to be able to post certain images from an album, but still be able to click on them to show a larger version..
    thanks in advance!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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