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  • Is there a working coppermine plugin online?

    I got a whole Coppermine Gallery, and now that I have i blog, I dont really want to copy and paste every image in it..
    I found already one plug in, dut it didnt work….

    Anyone who knows?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Coppermine SC works fine for me. Is that the one you tried?

    I have the plugin installed now..

    But it doenst work….

    the only thing i get when i type “[cpg_album:4]”is…

    CoppermineSC database error: [Table 'designgallery.cpg_config' doesn't exist]
    SELECT value FROM cpg_config WHERE name="ecards_more_pic_target" OR name="fullpath"
    CoppermineSC database error: [Table 'designgallery.cpg_pictures' doesn't exist]
    SELECT filepath, filename, title, pid FROM cpg_pictures WHERE aid=4 ORDER BY filename

    I dont know what to to with that…
    Can anybody help me fix it please?

    re daand’s problem:

    this has to do with line 161 in the copperminesc.php file:

    define (‘CPGSC_TABLE_PREFIX’, ‘cpg_’);

    you’ll need to change ‘cpg_’ to be the same as the prefix your coppermine installation uses. For example, version 1.4 uses ‘1.4x’, therefore it should look like this:

    define (‘CPGSC_TABLE_PREFIX’, ‘cpg14x_’);

    I highlighted the change. I use coppermine version 1.4, so that worked with me. Am unsure what previous coppermine versions use, but you can find out by checking out your phpmyadmin and checking what prefix your tables use.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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