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  • each program has their pros/cons. Why not just try them both out with a test album. It wouldn’t be too hard to install the default installations of both and just play around.

    I use gallery, and haven’t had any problems iwth it, although gallery2 is pretty nice but they’re still in the alpha stages.

    gallery rocks my boat 🙂

    yes i’ve got both. just interested, because i’ve got a lot on baby son needs intensive care forever, with eczema.

    I’ve used both for extended periods of time. I’ve found that while it’s not the easiest to set up, Gallery is easier to mess around with and understand how to use and tweak, and Coppermine is easier to set up, but that I don’t like the way it structures things.

    I would agree w/chicky on the Coppermine structure,not a big fan. I ahave also used both for quite some time, and personally prefer gallery; especially when used/integrated into other apps (like pn or wp)

    ive used coppermine in a few non-wp installs.
    there are some good things about it, but i dont like alot of things.
    when i used it, they didnt have perma-links.
    so you cant really link images from the site.
    and watermarks are not the easiest to implement.

    however i have played with gallery and i like it a bit more.
    just install both see what works best.
    this looks cool
    but i havent got around to trying it.

    there are plenty of threads on this site for gallery programs.
    go to google and put this into text box
    “gallery program”
    or put whatever key word you think should go there.

    if you use gallery, and want a random image block but can’t get the built in gallery one to work, i was able to create a php script to do the same thing. it’s currently being used on my site.

    Coppermine! Coppermine ! Copper.. uh… mine.

    plus with coppermine fetch plugin, you can pull images, random, certain ones, to be displayed on ANY PHP page, wordpress or not.

    this way, if you ever leave wordpress or it crashes you still got your coppermine.

    I went with coppermine because gallery does not support the GD library and my server does not support imagemagick

    brain_rot, gallery has a random block as well.

    Wait for Gallery 2. I don’t think it can be beat, but damn they are slow in releasing it.

    I’ve spent literally days looking for a nice solution. Gallery is too big an install for me.

    But…. I just tested an ehanced version of Simple PHP Gallery – an – and got it working in about 5 mins – worth checking out! And it has tips on how to integrate with WP into the bargain.

    Used to use Gallery, but now I use Coppermine. It doesn’t take up as much space and I HATED how Gallery was a flat file system. PHP/MySQL is much better. 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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