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  • Would anyone like to share with me how they did that or how do you do this? I would love to be able to click on the one of the tabs which says “photos” and it takes you into a page fully intergrated with the same style.

    extra credit if you could get view level or somehow have a way to only let certain readers of your blog view certain directories. 😉

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  • something equivalent to ?

    Sort of but with thumbnails. =)

    Yes… sort of like that but I perfer the backend of coppermine over gallery.

    I also want some directories to only be for registered, logged in users that are of a certain level.

    And of course, it must fit into my site. =)

    I have seen a few people do all of the above but the permission thing. I just have no clue how they did it.

    gallery can do all that

    I know but I don’t like the back end of gallery. I like coppermine.

    I was able to pull thumbnails into my wordpress pages via free script called Coppermine Fetch. Check it out: is the website for Coppermine Fetch.

    This will not intergrate users, and levels, but it might be a start.

    Thanks… but that isn’t what I mean-

    basically, you have a coppermind installation BUT the wrapper or whatever is WP. This way say if you are running kubric for example, and click on one of the tabs at the top, it will take you to the photo pages but it still looks like your WP install- as if it is one and the same. (but its, not… its just been wrapped)

    The easiest way to do this is to find a Coppermine theme you like and modify WordPress to fit the Coppermine template. That is what I did (actually a friend did) with the Coppermine Hardwired theme…Below are some examples of mine and some buddies WordPress sites with Coppermine galleries….

    Also, CoppermineFetch is a great piece of code to pull out random Coppermine pictures…

    Did your friend just dress up coppermine to look like your website and add a link in WP to access the albums (the easiest way)


    Does coppermine import or include the header and footer files from WP? (the hardest wat but truly integrated)

    I’m having trouble getting coppermine to use my header and footer files – If this is the way that you guys did it, I would be interested in finding out more about how it was done.


    look at my source code for WP. The Hardwired theme is a standard Coppermine theme and I pull my css and images from the Coppermine themes folder. I have added necessary css info for WP to my Coppermine css file…..

    hello everyone
    i am trying hard to integrate coppermine132 with wordpress 1.5
    can any of you help me?

    so for the installation has been a real problem…

    thanks in advance


    OK, I looked at the source code – loaded the example into my editor and the css only applied to certain parts – the rest of the page was not styled – it appears that the integration is pulling css from other sources as well?

    I’ve been beating myself up here for about 2-3 weeks trying to get a coppermine test album truly integrated into my site – all with no success.

    All I wanted for christmas was a Step-by-Step Guide on how to do a coppermine integration into WP properly (but Santa must have hard a hard time finding me this far south in Texas – LOL)

    Your site appears to be the first one (that I have seen anyways) that does what I’ve been trying hard to do – I was very impressed with what you’ve done when I visited your site.

    If you ever find some spare time – and can walk me through the steps, I would very much appreciate it.


    If you would like to contact me, my e-mail address is :

    email AT rvadventure DOT ca

    One more thing:

    I also liked the page with the mail subscription where people can subscribe and be notified of updates

    Is that done with a plug-in ??


    Once I find out how to do it, I’ll be glad to share it with you – us retirees have all the time in the world to help out if we can – my email address is listed above – keep in touch.

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