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  • I have used Coppermine, 4images and Gallery and I love 4images. Gallery was something I used 2 years ago and it was a real pain to customize. Coppermine is a simple little program, but didn’t really have the functions for what I wanted. 4images does. I like the option of registration before posting comments or even viewing the pictures! 🙂

    $images. Definitely. Is a hell to customize, (not like WP) but is more cleaner and to me more robust than gallery or coppermine

    What’s $images? Do you have a link to it?
    I’ve tried Coppermine, 4images, dAlbum, and Gallery, and my favorite ones are Coppermine and dAlbum.
    I haven’t tried customizing any of these script much because the themes they come with are really nice already. This is a sample of my CopperMine gallery. The features I needed the most were batch uploading and storing data in a database. The database made it easier for me to retrieve the last uploaded images so I can use them somewhere else on my site.
    dAlbum on the other hand is also convienent when you just need a simple gallery without all the bells and whistles of complex themes I think it has a cute geeky look to it since it uses folders to display the albums. You just upload your images into a folder and then rebuild. So the folder structure is how your albums will be set up.
    Another photo gallery that looks interesting is PhotoPost. But it’s used mostly for a photography community.

    ok this is a repeated reply, pictorialis ii is more than just a photoblog now 🙂

    4 and $ are on the same key, so I’m assuming anon means 4images.

    I used 4images. The design is pretty easy to integrate. Check out my site at

    there is not “best” program, only the one that has the least amount of compromise.

    what do you want to do?
    what things are important?

    For me I wanted to ftp large batches of images up, and then have it auto create thumbnails for me. it depends upon what you want.

    Does anyone know how to ftp large batches of images when your using 4images, Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting so tired of only uploading 10 images.



    there is a way to a customize the themplate or colors?

    Or exists out there a collection of themes?




    Who said gallery programs had to compromize?

    Try ZenPhoto. (disclaimer: I’m the developer).

    It’s completely customizable with themes, you can mass-upload via FTP, or regular upload through the web (zip or individual images), add info about the images to a database, and more.

    It’s beta right now, so installation and stuff might be difficult. Also I’m planning more WP integration soon. Still, I think it’s better than most of the rest.

    So re: “there is not ‘best’ program” — I’m trying to make one 😉



    Actually, I didn’t want any of the admin/setup hassles and had spent too many hours with Coppermine and Gallery, so I opted for a Flickr Pro account and using the FAlbum plug-in which does an amazing job at integrating Flickr into WP. there is another plugin for embedding directly into posts, that uses the FAlbum structure. Took me all of 10 minutes to get it running at my site.




    I installed zenphoto and it looks really cool.

    I’m going to wait until the official release though. I need to have nested directories, sorting, ability to delete, protected directories/pictures (i.e. require password or require member) etc.

    I like what I see so far though.



    4images is good but it can cause problem when receiving 7000+ users /day .



    that’s a good problem to have.



    I’ve tried a bunch, too. There definitely is not one that does everything for everybody. I originally liked WPicasa for it’s simplicity and because I use Picasa. The developer has been working on updates for a while now. Gallery Manager looks to be a great plugin, although it is not yet fully developed. I’ve tried Plogger and it seems to be good. And I have also used Lazyest Gallery and a standalone script DAlbum. I really like DAlbum for standalone management of photos.

    All, and others, are working on my site, if you are interested.

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