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  • I’ve searched around, but haven’t found an answer to how CoolPlayer works. I have the plugin active, but, from there, no clue. Because of the background graphic for one of my themes, other video players do not work correctly. CoolPlayer looks like it will work. I hope.

    Anyone know what to do to insert video’s like that? I can do it without it, and they open in Media Player, but I would like them on my page.


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  • If you have some problem with this plugins, you can add your comment in , I will help you.

    not for nothing, andot – but i can’t read the language of your site, and all you have in english is to download it and put it in the plugins folder………. that doesn’t help us figure out what to do in order to get a movie playing on our site.

    i really would love to use this plugin, as it’s the only one i’ve found that will work with .mpg files – but i haven’t the faintest idea HOW to use it, other than to install and activate… but NOW what!?

    Hey Andot, I’m with Lady on this. I just posted a question on your site and I can’t even read what I wrote…

    I want to put the player in my sidebar and use it for mpg, mp3. How?

    Ditto/Bump. How do we use this? English please.

    Thanks for the responses, folks. I actually gave up on it, and all the others, and I’m using the wp-extreme video one.

    Seems to be the most stable and easiest to use.

    never used the extreme vid but i use Podpress, though you can sync with RSS, iTunes ect can also just use for a player. i think it should be standard plugin with WP..

    check it out..

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    Coolplayer looks pretty straightforward to me. But then I’m a programmer. 🙂

    Looks like you activate it and then do something like this in your posts:

    You can add options to the coolplayer tag like so:
    <coolplayer autoplay=”true”>…

    The options are:

    You can also enter multiple entries into one tag to make a playlist:

    There’s probably more functionality I’m not seeing right away.

    hi friends,

    i’m also trying to use coolplayer on my wordpress but after trying several times and using the systems people explained here, it doesn’t work properly. it recognizes the code but doen’t load the files. I’m trying to use it with OGG, in fact that’s the main reason to use coolplayer, as audioplayer (that works very well) doesn’t support ogg.

    can anybody help me?

    I have WP in a sub-directory, so I had to change the path on line 62:
    var $pluginpath = "/wp-content/plugins/coolplayer"; to "/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/coolplayer"

    From within a post this worked for me:
    <coolplayer autoplay="false" loop="false" width="120" height="35">

    I’m having some trouble with determining the correct YouTube URL’s…
    If I want to add, for example, to my weblog, which URL do I use in Coolplayer? I’ve tried using the exact same URL, but that does not want to play…
    Also, the URL’s mentioned on seem to be in a different format…

    I just tried to download, but couldn’t, as I wanted to check this out. I will mention something that I found out with other players. That is that I had to put in the complete url in every place it was needed in whatever tags were used. I’ve used dewplayer recently and had to do this to get it to work.

    I succeeded in getting Coolplayer to work. What I’d like to know is if there is a way to get it to show the thumbnail of the video instead of just a blank player screen. I have set to false because I don’t want it to auto start. This particular video is a wmv file.


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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