• Understand this plugin is still in its infancy of development, and it is pretty cool for novelty value.

    But few things don’t work (broken links, inserts 2 twitter usernames, Google shortener broken etc). Also, quite a few things missing to make it something the masses would use (integration with various mail software, customisation settings etc).

    Not a bad first attempt, but far from 5 stars.

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    thanks a lot for the feedback you gave us, could you maybe elaborate a bit more in the broken links and the double inserts of Twitter usernames? We have not encountered this before and then we can look into fixing these. The Google shortener doesn’t create correct shortlinks for you as well? We’ve seen the support feedback you gave us, but these seem a bit different / new then what you told us there?

    Time to put on our debug hats a bit longer 🙂 We’re actually working on a new release which should hopefully be out soon, which makes the code a bit cleaner and includes already direct integration with MailChimp to start with (with other mailing software on the roadmap as well).

    One final question, what kind of customization are you looking into exactly? And how do you think we can improve certain areas maybe better?

    Sorry to bombard you with lots of questions, we don’t want to sound too overwhelming. Feedback like yours is what makes us go further and better for everyone.

    Thanks again and have a lovely day!

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